The Quiz

This quiz includes a mix of basic, intermediate, and advanced questions to determine how I may best help you . Please avoid guessing and answer as honestly as possible.

1) What is an "f-stop"? *
2) Which three variables affect the depth of field. *
3) Regardless of lens choice, which of these combinations of exposure variables might be correct for a model standing under a spot of street light at night? *
4) Which of these ideas might make a given photo more visually interesting? *
5) What is "crop factor"? *
6) True or false: The histogram helps you to determine a proper exposure on digital cameras. *
7) Which of these exposure settings alone might give the best sharpness for a moving subject? *
8) A camera flash's power output is unaffected by which exposure variable? *
9) Why would you want to "expose to the right"? *
10) True or false: The color temperature of an office setting is different from the color temperature under a shady tree on a sunny day. *
Optional bonus question: What does "ISO" mean?
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