I started this branch of my business to teach both the technical and artistic aspects of photography to all levels of skill and ambition. The challenge of teaching and inspiring others to get the most out of photography is a satisfying and rewarding experience for me. 

I've self-studied photography with an obsession for it's scientific technical aspects for over 15 years now and in 2012 I made my passion into a full-time career. I currently shoot a mix of digital and film formats as well as activity practice darkroom film processing and printing. Architecture and fine art photography are my main subjects of interest. 


During pleasant weather I give lessons around Highland Park & Mt. Hope Cemetery.

During winter months and for unpleasant conditions, lessons will be held at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park until 4pm and at the Village Gate after 4pm. 

I’m also able to meet you anywhere around Monroe County; especially if there’s a specific subject matter you want to practice with.

Mike JB

Mike JB


(585) 317-4002



Sunday - Wednesday

10am - 6pm


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Three Lesson Packages - $80

These packages are comprised of three one-hour lessons that may be scheduled at your convenience. All lessons come with a detailed notes packet and reference cards.

Package 1 - Beginner Auto-Exposure

For casual shooters who want to get started taking great photos without fussing with full manual control at this time. Even though this Package focuses on mastering semi-automatic photography, you'll gain all the knowledge needed to pursue manual photography. You'll also learn the advanced features about your camera, things to consider when buying new gear, and the basics of photo composition. 

Package 2 - Beginner Manual Exposure

This package takes on full manual photography for avid shooters in pursuit of the best results possible. Learning full manual photography also enables you to understand semi-automatic photography for those times where you just want to take quick pictures. You'll also learn the advanced features about your camera, things to consider when buying new gear, and the basics of photo composition. 

Package 3 - Intermediate Manual Exposure

If you have a fair understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and you're shooting in manual mode often, then this is the package for you. Here we'll top off your knowledge of those settings and tackle advanced metering techniques including the zone system. You'll also learn how to guess your settings with near perfect accuracy before picking up the camera! 

Package 4 - Advanced Flash

Do you understand full manual photography and are ready to start creating your own light to take complete control of the scene? In this package you'll learn about on-camera and off-camera flash, and the basic equipment needed to get started with creative flash photography. Unleash the true creative power of photography! 

Package 5 - Advanced Natural Light

Prefer the natural appeal of available light? Learn about the tricks and gear you’ll need to maximize your potential as an available light shooter and get the best results possible. You’ll learn how to block, reflect, and shape light in just about every situation, and how to plan your shoots and locations for the best results.

Package 6 - Lightroom Photo Editing & Retouching

Hey, your photos look great but I can show you how to take them to the next level. Lightroom is the professional standard for managing and processing your photos. Learn how to import, organize, edit, retouch, and export a final product in this package..

Not sure which lesson package is good for you? take the quiz!

Single Lessons - $30

If you would like a more open ended approach or you're pretty comfortable with your abilities but have some mind boggling questions, I'll tackle your problems directly. I'm also willing to accommodate just about any kind of shooting challenge you might be facing or even create a challenge for you.



"We learned more in the time with you than all the online instructional's and YouTube videos put together. It was well worth it! You will be seeing us for more lessons and we will be referring all of my friends and family your way."

- Chris & Michelle Choate

"Michael is a great photographer that really knows what he's talking about and how to explain it.  I left with my camera on manual and have been able to surprise myself with how well what I learned stuck.  I look forward to taking more advanced camera classes with Mike."

- Maria Perkas

"Mike was extremely helpful and a great teacher. After just three lessons I felt completely comfortable using my camera in manual. I highly recommend lessons from Mike for any beginner photographer!"

~ Amy Dana

"I have been struggling to learn photography on my own. Michael has taught me so much in a couple of lessons and I am now only shooting in manual. I am so glad I found Michael to teach me, my photos have improved tremendously."

 - Mary Smith