Your personal Trainer for mastering digital photogprahy 

Chances are that you found this page because you're looking to fully understand your DSLR or perhaps there's something that you just can't wrap your head around after hours of youtube tutorial videos. Maybe you're looking to improve your creative eye to take your work to the next level or attempting to master Lightroom and Photoshop. Whatever your goal is I know with certainly that if you spend one hour with me, you'll learn more than after having spent many hours surfing the internet for how-tos. With my diverse experience in teaching photography I'll be able to immediately lock onto what you're needing, and with patience, find the best way to teach that.

I'm proud to say that there are many success stories from my former students in achieving their photography goals. 


Private Lessons are $40 per hour, and if you intend to book three lessons I’ll give you a $20 discount.

I also host group workshops which pop-up from time to time for $40 per person. Please subscribe to my news letter below for updates!


Lessons will be held at the Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park until 4pm and at the Village Gate after 4pm. 

I’m also able to meet you anywhere around Monroe County; especially if there’s a specific subject matter you want to practice with.


  • Setting Up a New Camera

  • DSLR Cameras, Lenses, and Accessories Advice and Recommendations

  • Full-Manual Exposure Control and Settings

  • Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority and Program Semi-Auto Exposure Modes

  • Mastering On and Off camera Flash

  • Low-Light and Night Photography

  • The Art of Pre-Visualization and Artistic Composition

  • Situational Photography Subjects such as Sports, Landscapes, Wildlife, Portraits, and More!

  • Adobe Lightroom Editing and Organization

  • Advanced Editing with Adobe Photoshop




By Appointment

Hours may very day to day



"We learned more in the time with you than all the online instructional's and YouTube videos put together. It was well worth it! You will be seeing us for more lessons and we will be referring all of my friends and family your way."

- Chris & Michelle Choate

"Michael is a great photographer that really knows what he's talking about and how to explain it.  I left with my camera on manual and have been able to surprise myself with how well what I learned stuck.  I look forward to taking more advanced camera classes with Mike."

- Maria Perkas

"Mike was extremely helpful and a great teacher. After just three lessons I felt completely comfortable using my camera in manual. I highly recommend lessons from Mike for any beginner photographer!"

~ Amy Dana

"I have been struggling to learn photography on my own. Michael has taught me so much in a couple of lessons and I am now only shooting in manual. I am so glad I found Michael to teach me, my photos have improved tremendously."

 - Mary Smith